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Our people is our intelligence, our strength deciding the survival of HTH. Integrity, trust and involvement of all members are the core human value of HTH

·Corporate culture

The following factors are the cultural identity of HTH

    • Trust

-Trust between colleagues. Trust between the company and customers, business partners.

-The belief in the integrity, honesty and ability of each other is a prerequisite for success.

-Trust does not exist without efforts. It must be built and developed


    • Open communication

-Everyone needs an open and honest working environment in which honest, frank opinions are encouraged and respected.

-If no trust, no open communication and vice versa

-If no critical culture, no development


    • Long life learning

-In a rapidly changing world, a highly competitive environment of today, knowledge, experiences are often quickly outdated. So the best way to survive and move forward is to never stop learning and applying the new latest knowledge of humanity within our careers.

-Learn from anyone at any time and any where.


  • Meaningful work

-Happiness is having works that we love to do. Interestingness and meaningfulness of our works are made by us, and a result of everyone’s efforts.

-The mission of all of us is to make each loves his/her works. If we can do this, success will inevitably come.


·Service Quality

Service quality of HTH always be placed at the top priority. To achieve superior customer satisfaction, HTH provides them with the highest quality service, no 2nd one.