HTH D’car Limousine Video

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1. Overall: Meet FTO (Federation of Tour Operators) standards

2. Contents of service training to HTH drivers:

·  Service standards of HTH drivers

·  Safe & save driving skills

·  Defensive driving skills

·  Quarterly service training questionaire to HTH drivers

·  Regulations on vehicles maintainance and care

·  Regulations on driver’s vehicle technical handbook to HTH drivers

3. Standards of HTH drivers:

·  Excellent health. No diseases of heart and eyes

·  Experience of at least 03 years in inbount travel service

·  Pass over service quality training courses by HTH

·  Always keep helpful, friendly and positive attitude

·  Always wear uniform, be tidy on duty

·  Cell phone is a must but it is prohibited when driving

·  Certificate of Travel transportation service training by Tourist departments

·  No addiction and usage of drugs, alcohol on duty

·  Honesty and integrity

·  Secondary school graduate at least.

4. Quality standards of HTH’s vehicles:

·  Overall:

Meet standards of safety and comfort of HTH

Meet standards of land transport of FTO (Federation of Tour Operators)

·  Sufficient insurances

·  Valid travel transport service license

·  Seat-belts for all seats

·  Safety and comfort equipment are in good condition: tires; brake system; light system; reflectors; horn; air conditioners…

· Emergentcy procedure

5. Regulations on vehicles maintainance and care:

· Meet standards of automobile manufacturers

6. Operation standards of travel transportation service of HTH

7. Quality Assurance (QA) Dept.

·  Customer satisfaction evaluation

·  Process of problem prevention and settlement

·  Hotline: (84) 906 690 015

·  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.